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Goalie W Catch
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Coach Name State Club
Nancy RosasCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Jay LuffCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Greg OstranderCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Rich CooperCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Carl HighamCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Eric CunninghamCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Lenny PuppingCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Glenn MaloneCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Jay AminCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Gina MerchantCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Guillermo RodriguezCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Eric LonaCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Gerry MaleyCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
MIchael MezeyCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Michael DugganCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
David BoyettCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Kino ValdezCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Ian RogersCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Igor TripkovicCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Khaled Al-SharifeCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Will EastwoodCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Heather HillardCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Randy ErmanCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Thierry BoucherouCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Bob BarbosaCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Wilson SaltosCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Lightning SC
Phillip ShuttleworthCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Steve CowellCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Carl KneplerCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Kay CostilowCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Saied SardarianCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Fernando ElizarrarazCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Brian PoltlCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Gina PoltlCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Christian DiazCalifornia SouthCarlsbad Wave
Jimmy SousaCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Cem TontCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Victor NogueiraCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Beto CamposCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Tim RotyCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Dennis CostelloCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Maddie TantilloCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Kevin BrownCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Roy AshcroftCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Carlos CalderonCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Goran NasticCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Tom MaurerCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Corey HarveyCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Armando GutierrezCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Darren ParkerCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Michael LaPorteCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Dustin HammondCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Shannon MacMillanCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Eddie SkuratovskyCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Sherri GoldsteinCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Jerome WatsonCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Frank HolborowCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Shea TravisCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Fernando CuencaCalifornia SouthDel Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
Robb GunnessCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Brett MillsCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Steve ZugCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Chris DavisCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Dick KillionCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Zachary TaylorCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Frank BelockCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Alfredo HincapieCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Corey ScottCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Katrina YamazakiCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Ingram LosnerCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Mas YamazakiCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Ian CookCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Kent CoykendallCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Kayvon JalaliCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Allie SullivanCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Juli VeeeCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Caroline HarrahCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Mike NeylanCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Anna GerberCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Martha LopezCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Jason WosCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Chad BusickCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Kim HobanCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Kim ScottCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Jesus Rico-SanzCalifornia SouthEncinitas SL
Cesar HernandezCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Robert ReyesCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Arturo ValleCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Jerod CardozaCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Juan OchoaCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Rob Van De HeyCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
David JimenezCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Dan SmutsCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Carlos HernandezCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Dana MoenCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Lonnie WillsCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
John BursonCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Hector OchoaCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Jose ValleCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Hector HernandezCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Cirilo SaldanaCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Dave FergusonCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Larry OntiverosCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Shane WeebeCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Julio AlfaroCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Anthony KotsiosCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Jorge TorresCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Hector OchoaCalifornia SouthEscondido Heat SL
Trenton PainterCalifornia SouthFallbrook Fury YSL
Paul RitchieCalifornia SouthFC Sol
John VillaCalifornia SouthFC Sol
Mark HendersonCalifornia SouthFC Sol
Gary McCarthyCalifornia SouthLa Costa Matrix
Jerry StrawCalifornia SouthLa Costa Matrix
Brian SolomonCalifornia SouthLa Costa Matrix
Shelby MelehesCalifornia SouthLa Costa Matrix
Mike Elenz-MartinCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Enrique RodriguezCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Gary CollierCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Tom LockhartCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Nate HetheringtonCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Alyssa SobolikCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Johnson AsieduCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
David RoweCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Paul DoughertyCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Charlie O'NeilCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Mike JonesCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Shawn BeyerCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Loren HenryCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Jase ScarvaciCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Malcolm ToveyCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Otto DalyCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Jimmy MurphyCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Warren JacobsCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Peter BarkerCalifornia SouthRancho Santa Fe SL
Frank BetancourtCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Chris BowmanCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Roberto VellosoCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Paul CurrieCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Steve LeacockCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Manny SandovalCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Shana CarrCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Danny MadrigalCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Tiffany QuackenbushCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
David CohenCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Ada GreenwoodCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Mike NicholsonCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Seth TremblyCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Gabriel ArredondoCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Erik OcampoCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Joe PanianCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Craig BarclayCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Beto VillelaCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
David CurrieCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Chris LemayCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Greg LaporteCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Colin ChestersCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Jesse GonzalezCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Dusan RadosovicCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Richard SimonyiCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Mark SpoonerCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Edgar AnzaldoCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Carlos HuertaCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Mario MrakovicCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Montele GravesCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Pauly DolinskyCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Berrick RastokCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Arturo PerezCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Kim CowanCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Mike IloskiCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Danny SalasCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Steve HillCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Charlie BloomCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Scott FontaineCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Jose OcampoCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Cary ReeseCalifornia SouthSan Diego Surf
Lori SchultzCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Isaac RamirezCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Brian BlakeCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Shawne HagertyCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Jeremy HixonCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Chuck SullivantCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Jim LamourCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Steve LaMadridCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Iberth VelascoCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Janet PariseCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
John EngebridtsCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Curt PermitoCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Kyle BakerCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
William PerezCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Jeff PerkinsCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Brian PhillipsCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Mike HovenicCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Herman CastilloCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Patrick CherventyCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Ray FrostCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Gary SimmonsCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Chris BowmanCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Glen StevensCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
John EngebritsCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Brian Blake California SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Mark BakerCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Chuck SullivantCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Andy GastCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Matt HidalgoCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Jorge TorresCalifornia SouthSan Marcos Matrix
Brad AcklesCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Magui BetancourtCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Luis CasillasCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Stacy EytonCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Lance GillCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Jeff BrinkleyCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Frank ZimmermanCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Bert GutierrezCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Umberto Gutierrez California SouthSC of Oceanside
Jorge GarciaCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Marc KoehlerCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Ramiro FloresCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Chip BrustCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Ed BurnsCalifornia SouthSC of Oceanside
Dave CarrCalifornia SouthValley Center YSL
Luis TinajeroCalifornia SouthValley Center YSL
Bobby CrossCalifornia SouthVista SC
Ray ClermontCalifornia SouthVista SC
Robert CapraCalifornia SouthVista SC
Bobby CrossCalifornia SouthVista SC
Hector CalvarioCalifornia SouthVista SC


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